Our Vision and Mission

Customer happiness
The indispensable condition of customer satisfaction for Oğuzcanlar; to establish necessary communication channels with its internal and external customers and to develop service and after-sales services, especially in terms of total quality understanding by addressing their expectations and complaints.

Employee Happiness
Oguzcanlar; It is a company that is directly proportional to the work done, a performance-based remuneration and open communication, and motivation-enhancing social activities. The development of people in safe and suitable working environments is planned in accordance with the principle of equality through trainings. Human philosophy is first adopted and job security is ensured based on clear job descriptions and performance criteria and career planning is applied. It has a culture supported by fair and encouraging rewarding and appreciation policies on the basis of respect for humanity and expertise.

Our Most Important Capital
The quality of our services is directly proportional to the quality of our employees. To bring the best personnel and adult manpower to the highest benefit from their abilities, power and creativity; to increase their productivity, to allow them to develop and to create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity grows.

Communication and Teamwork
Oguzcanlar; It works with a team of highly motivated, team-spirit team who develops systems using open and fast, communicating in all directions, applying participatory management style, using technology, analytical thinking and strategic planning methods and creativity, benefiting from synergy.

Continuous Improvement and Retention
Oguzcanlar; corporate identity, reliable, respectable, disciplined, consistent in their decisions and strategies, believes in total quality. The company is an indispensable condition to meet customer expectations without compromising its values. Oğuzcanlar is a leading company in the sector with its strong staff, professional management approach and changing quality.

Respect and Responsibility
Oguzcanlar; employees are aware of their duties to the environment, society and the sector while fulfilling their respects and responsibilities towards their employees and suppliers. It respects the opinions, beliefs and thoughts of its employees. The employees of Oğuzcanlar respect the laws and ethical rules and work with responsibility and responsibility against the company, its customers and suppliers.

Oğuzcanlar is based on the principle of justice in all relations and processes in and out of the company. Performance evaluation system is impartial and fair. The evaluation process is done based on rational criteria away from emotion. Appreciation and rewarding is done depending on the performance, deserving deserves.


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