Our values

We as Oğuzcanlar believe in the following.

Become a researcher ’dile Always better!‘ Araştırma
To be aware of the continuity and success of knowledge. To be aware that we can always do better.

Trust ’’ Be together to go further! ‘‘
To be active and open in communication. Ability to create relationships based on team spirit.

Honesty and Accuracy ard bağlı Stick to the word, deviation from the rules! Lük D
To ensure consistency between what is said and the behaviors without compromising the ethical values ​​within the organization.

Courage ’kabul Take initiative and accept responsibility‘ Ces
To overcome the weaknesses we face while making decisions, to take risks and to make a risk analysis.

Commitment ’ğ Love your job and lose your loyalty‘ lılık
To show our commitment to our business with our quality by always keeping the unlimited service understanding in our business and within the highest level.

With these values; we continue our service and production with our customer orientation, high quality understanding, best and trained employees, national and international rules and laws.


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